Protected Content And Membership Areas For Squarespace

There are a few dedicated membership plugins that supposed to work with Squarespace: SquareSecure, Sentry Login, and GoPaywall. In Squarespace answers, we found a really good comparison of membership solutions made by users on the basis of their experience. However, all these solutions are either limited in regards of customisation freedom or require some advanced coding skills to make the scenario works in a desired way.

We would like to recommend you a solution that has awesome features on protecting your Squarespace website content and creating different membership plans, is fully customisable and priced fairly. It’s called MemberDash and it is our top one at the moment.


“Easiest way to add protected content and membership areas to your website. No programming skills necessary!”

And that is true. Their guided setup process makes creating a fully customisable membership experience a breeze. Main features include:

  • Protection scenario. The MemberDash login form will overlay your website or page(s) nicely and your visitors will have a seamless experience with registering/logging in and landing on a certain page afterwards. Simply add the url of an existing page on your website to protect it. MemberDash also allows you to build protected member content with their own page builder and link to it on your website.

  • Powerful Dashboard. MemberDash dashboard offers a quick view at your membership statistics and has a very user-friendly interface.

  • Membership management. You will be able to create an unlimited number of memberships and set up complicated scenarios for paid or free plans (e.g.: collect card details when offering a trial period, offer discount on plans, etc.).

  • User management. MemberDash enables you to manage your users profile information directly from your dashboard.

  • User profiles. Your users will be able to manage their own profiles right on your site, including profile picture, contact and billing details, membership plan, subscription status and even more.

  • Custom fields. MemberDash allows you to create an unlimited number of custom fields and build a truly bespoke registration/profile experiences.

  • Email templates. MemberDash gives you a complete control over the emails sent via their system.

  • Custom CSS. Every element of registration/login forms and user profile boards can be fully customised with CSS for consistency with your website design.

Check The Designer Sale website, one of our favourite works where we have created a bespoke membership experience with MemberDash. Let us know what you think about this solution in the comments below!