Squarespace Website Instructions Example

Your Squarespace website has been set up, designed and built with a focus on easy content management and editing certain elements. Please read these instructions carefully before making changes to the site structure / editing the content.



NB: Please note that changing the site structure may affect its appearance, especially in regards to the pages within the Indexes. Also, if you ever decide to change your template please make sure that you drag all elements from the PRIMARY NAVIGATION down to NOT LINKED section. Otherwise, the PRIMARY NAVIGATION content will be lost.

Your Squarespace site consists of the following elements:

1. PRIMARY NAVIGATION (elements accessible from the main navigation bar):

  • Homepage Index (landing page, scrollable, consist of several separate pages)

  • About Index (scrollable, consists of several separate pages)

  • Contact page

2. SECONDARY NAVIGATION (elements accessible from the main navigation bar and located right next to the elements of PRIMARY NAVIGATION):

  • Element 1

  • Element 2

3. FOOTER NAVIGATION (elements accessible from the footer navigation bar at the bottom of the page):

  • “Home” link linked to the Homepage Index

  • “Privacy & Cookie Policy” page

  • “T&C” page

4. NOT LINKED pages (not accessible by external users):

  • Element 1

  • Element 2

  • “Coming Soon” cover page (this can be set up as a landing page until the website goes live or during maintenance works)

  • Folder "Developer www.relativist.space" with a plugin files. Please do not delete any content from this folder.

  • “Instructions” page

5. BIN (Deleted pages) - if you occasionally delete a page you will be able to restore it in one click. Deleted pages will be in the Bin for 30 days.


Content Management & Editing

You can edit any written content on pages, simply click "Edit" and insert a new text block or edit existing text. You can use a full variety of features of the built-in Squarespace text editor.

N.B.: If you are copying & pasting the text please make sure you use "Paste as Plain Text" button:

* Click to open in a lightbox

Paste as Plain Text Button

Uploading New Items

* Custom instructions on how to manage your blog / shop sections.



Your website has been customised with Sq style options tools and custom CSS. Advanced functionality has been set up with plugins and custom scripts. It is recommended NOT TO:

  • change style options in the Design tab -> Style Options

  • change custom CSS in the Design tab -> Custom CSS

  • change custom Header & Footer Code Injections in Settings -> Advanced -> Code Injection

Below, is a backup of your Style Pack, Custom CSS and Custom Codes in case you make unwanted changes to one of the above-listed elements:

Wish you make major changes to the website appearance or behavior please contact an experienced Squarespace professional. You web designer & web developer is:

Dasha Eesti