Live Consultation

Live Consultation


Book a 30-minute live consultation with one of our experts to discuss your needs and see how we can help you.

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The Live Consultation is a 30-min conversation to discuss your needs and help you with your inquiry. If you would like to go in-depth into a particular aspect you may consider booking The Clarity Call instead.

How It Works

  • Once you complete your purchase on our website, you will need to book a call with our professionals via our scheduling system. You can also use “BOOK A CALL” button in the bottom right corner and select “Live Consultations - Existing Clients”. You will be given plenty of date & time options in your time zone.

  • When making a booking, you will be asked to fill in your Order Number and provide us with some comments on aspects you would like to focus on during the conversation.

  • Prepare for the call - get your digital assets, links and questions ready and make sure you have set up your Google Meet preferences for a smooth chat.

  • We will join the Google Meeting when it’s time.

  • At the end of the call we will discuss action steps to help your business stand out and succeed as well as the further opportunities of working together on your project.

Important T&C

Note: we have 24 hour cancellation policy and 15 min waiting time. If by any reason you are not able to make a call on time please let us know at least 24 hours in advance. Otherwise, you will have to purchase the service again.

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