Domain Name for Your Squarespace Website

Everything starts with a domain name, it is indeed an important part of your success on the web.

Squarespace gives you a freedom to select a domain provider at your choice in case you decide not to go ahead with their domains. From one hand, it is very convenient to purchase all services from the same provider and pay for your subscription plan, domain charges and professional G Suite fee to Squarespace directly. All Squarespace sites on an annual plan include one custom domain, free for its first year, as well as one G Suite package at no charge for the first year. Additional domains and renewals are between £16 and £56 per year, and G Suite subscriptions will renew at £4.60 if paid monthly or £55.20 if paid annually + VAT (per user/email address). Squarespace supports 200+ TLDs (domain extensions) and the full list + pricing is available here.

However, you may wish to choose a TLD that is currently not supported by Squarespace (e.g.: .EU) or simply find a better offer because Squarespace is not always the cheapest solution. Squarespace allows you to connect a domain from pretty much any provider and this opens lots of possibilities.

To my clients and readers, we would like to recommend NETIM, an ICANN accredited French registrar, member of the RIPE, that offers domain names across 800+ TLDs (domain extensions), SSL certificates, WHOIS privacy, email addresses, web hosting and even more. The company has more than 15 years of experience and over 150 000 domain names under management. When it comes to the domain provider, it’s worth checking customers’ reviews - NETIM has got 4.7 out of 5 (excellent) on Trustpilot (vs. GoDaddy’s 3.6 which is quite poor and BlueHost’s 1.5 which is just bad).

1. Domain Names

Domain names with NETIM start at £2.00 per year. The pricing is transparent and can be always found here. This is an obvious advantage as the majority of domain providers hook customers on the low rates for the first year and charge double or even triple fees for the following periods. With NETIM, you always know how much you will be paying.

2. Email Addresses

Email addresses with NETIM start at £2.00 per month. From a simple Internet connection and a web browser, you can check and manage your mail online with the webmail interface. With IMAP, you can use your mail on your tablet, smartphone or your favorite email software on your computer. Your emails will be synchronized between all your devices. NETIM also offers permanent antispam and antivirus and other features: alias domain names, forwarding, autoresponder service, catchall, custom quota, etc.

3. Customer Support

NETIM features really useful self-help articles and offers prompt and professional customer support - via their ticket system for existing clients and via email for all other inquiries.

4. NB

NETIM provides WHOIS privacy that will be activated for your domain automatically at no extra cost – a great advantage since the majority of domain providers would charge for this service. However, you shall keep in mind that WHOIS privacy is not available to every domain extension which depends mainly on the country where the TLD is registered.